Nobody knows your clients better than you. We'll provide the services you need to focus on delivering value.

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Your independent business. Your way.

We're dedicated to servicing Registered Investment Advisers — especially the unique needs of independent RIAs that manage client assets. Leverage the same web-based technology that powers our retail brokerage to power your business.

- No software downloads; web-based (Admin and Client) and mobile (Client) applications

- Ability to open accounts online, place trades, monitor activity, and access client portfolios anytime and anywhere.

- Group Trading with the ability to customize groups and enter aggregate trades with just a few mouse clicks.

- Ability to enter complex orders including multi-leg combinations.

- Flexibility to invest in nearly any asset class, including options spreads, in IRAs.

- Knowledgeable and proactive back-office support.

- No monthly access fees or hidden charges.

Registered Investment Adviser Services

Every investment adviser is different, and each adviser has unique needs based on the products and services they offer and the clients they serve.

MoneyBlock provides flexible technology, product and service solutions to help you meet the needs of your business and your clients.

Transition Support

Transitioning your business from one broker-dealer to another takes time away from creating new relationships and growing your business.

At MoneyBlock, we offer personalized support and online services to help you minimize the time required to transition your business.

Want to learn more? Contact a Relationship Manager today.

No Proprietary Products

As an independent broker-dealer, we understand your desire for independence. That's why we don't require RIAs that work with us to allocate to proprietary products.

With MoneyBlock, you choose the products and services to provide and we'll provide tools and support to help you and your clients achieve your objectives.

Group and Complex Options Trading

MoneyBlock's platform includes Group Trading for executing simple or complex strategies across multiple client accounts.

We also support RIAs that use exchange-traded options to generate income or hedge risk on a single position or an entire portfolio.

For non-qualified accounts, we offer non-leveraged, limited margin for trading option spreads or cash-secured puts.

Independence FAQs

How can MoneyBlock benefit my business?

We've invested in our own proprietary platform to provide the necessary tools and flexibility that allows you to better manage the technology expense of running your business. Our goal is provide the features you need to provide value to your clients while also helping you run your business as efficiently as possible.

How can you make my transition painless?

No transition is pain-fee, but our relationship and back office staff has assisted hundreds of RIAs transition their business between broker-dealers. They understand the challenges and risks associated with the process, and work with you to understand your specific needs.

As a small asset manager, how can MoneyBlock help me?

Small RIAs and asset manager are often overlooked by the "big box" brokerage firms. So in addition to our proprietary platform that caters to most RIAs, we also offer customized trading and execution solutions for asset managers requiring a more sophisticated approach.

Visit our Products & Services section to learn more.

Does MoneyBlock have any account minimums?

Cash Accounts: MoneyBlock has no minimum balance for cash accounts (qualified and non-qualified) that remain active within the past 12 months. Note: Accounts deemed inactive with balances of less than $100 are subject to inactivity fees or closure.

Margin Accounts: $2,000 minimum balance required to open and maintain a margin account.

What are MoneyBlock's margin policies?

MoneyBlock maintains exchange-minimum margin requirements (Reg-T margin accounts). To review margin policies relative to a specific strategy, click here.

For qualified accounts, MoneyBlock also offers Portfolio Margin. Talk to a MoneyBlock Relationship Manager to learn more.