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Being independent doesn't mean being alone

You need a lot more than just a great web portal to effectively service your clients. We pride ourselves on staying connected and accessible, whether through our highly experienced trade desk and back office, or our dedicated relationship management team.

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You are never more than a few seconds away from knowledgeable professional support including:

- Transition Support: We’re committed to making your transition a smooth and seamless one.

- Relationship Management: Keeping clients informed, educated, and up to date makes managing your client relationship that much easier.

- Experienced Trade Desk and Back Office Support: We’ve applied our 50+ years experience in floor and electronic trading and back-office support to create a first-rate customer experience.

- Order Execution: Whether it’s a stock, mutual fund, bond, ETF, or a complex multi-leg option order we know how to get the trade done.

Product & Services FAQs

What is MoneyBlock Mini-Prime?

We provide mini-prime, portfolio margin and customized execution solutions.

Beyond our standard technology and service capabilities, MoneyBlock can create customized technology, execution, reporting and back-office solutions for asset managers requiring a more sophisticated offering.

- Customized technology solutions including professional trading platforms, portfolio and risk reporting systems.
- High-touch, experienced trade desk backed by one-on-one client support and back-office services.
- Experienced support and dedicated services to managers trading simple and complex options strategies.
- Multiple execution brokers, plus custom routing and connectivity solutions.
- Access to clearing firm balance sheet for stock loans and financing, including portfolio margin.

How can portfolio margin benefit my strategy?

Make risk-based margin work for you

Portfolio Margin
is a portfolio and risk-based margin methodology that applies margin requirements to an account based on the greatest projected net loss of all positions in a given ‘security class’ or ‘product group’.

Unlike “Regulation T margin” (or “Reg T”, the margin methodology which applies to most retail brokerage accounts and which applies margin treatment on position-by-position basis), Portfolio Margin accounts for correlations that may exist between similar types of indices and ETFs. Portfolio Margin also considers how conservative a portfolio may be; thus, a more conservative portfolio may have lower margin treatment than a portfolio carrying more risk.

The goal of Portfolio Margin is to set margin levels that more precisely reflect actual net risk by considering the entirety of an account’s current positions. As a result, Portfolio Margin may provide traders greater leverage (or more efficient use of trading capital), since margin requirements are calculated based on net risk and may be lower than standard Reg T margin requirements. Additionally, under Portfolio Margin, initial and maintenance margin requirements are the same.

MoneyBlock offers Portfolio Margin to qualified clients. Contact us for more information.

What if I have special execution needs?

In addition to Group Trading and our highly experienced Trade Desk, MoneyBlock offers sophisticated asset managers multiple smart route algos through several execution venues offering price improvement:

Equity Smart Routes

- Smart Routing: Various smart routes via multiple executing brokers. Price Improvement: Yes
- TB Smart Penny: Smart equity route that allows full pricing and security type flexibility. Price Improvement: No

Option Smart Routes

- Smart Routing: Various smart routes via multiple executing brokers. Price Improvement: Yes
- TB Smart Dark: Custom smart route that seeks liquidity without displaying to the market. Price Improvement: No
- TB Smart: Custom smart order routing sends orders to preferred exchange. Supports Day and GTC orders. Price Improvement: No
- TB Swipe: Sweeps the market and posts residual to most liquid exchange. Price Improvement: No
- TB Stealth: Sweeps the market and posts residual without displaying to the market. Price Improvement: No
- TB Liquidity: Custom smart route that accesses vast range of liquidity and allows sub-increment trading. Price Improvement: No
- TB Smart Sweep: Custom sweep route designed to maximize liquidity while minimizing exchange fees. Price Improvement: No
- TB PIP: Custom smart route designed to seek out and maximize price improvement. Price Improvement: No

Does MoneyBlock have any account minimums?

Cash Accounts: MoneyBlock has no minimum balance for cash accounts (qualified and non-qualified) that remain active within the past 12 months. Note: Accounts deemed inactive with balances of less than $100 are subject to inactivity fees or closure.

Margin Accounts: $2,000 minimum balance required to open and maintain a margin account.

What are MoneyBlock's margin policies?

MoneyBlock maintains exchange-minimum margin requirements (Reg-T margin accounts). To review margin policies relative to a specific strategy, click here.

How soon can my clients start trading?

Immediately upon account funding. Clients can use the Cash Transfers block to link their bank account and initiate deposits and withdrawals.