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MoneyBlock - for you and your clients

Whether you are placing a simple or advanced order, servicing a self-directed account or entering a block trade across multiple accounts, it doesn’t matter. Our easy-to-use online platform, allows you to do it all:

- Web-based desktop (Admin and Client) and mobile (Client) applications

- Online account opening, processing and management

- Simple and Advanced Order Entry

- Online cashiering (ACH, wires and checks)

- Complex option strategies for qualified and non-qualified accounts

- Group Trade

- Account Administration

- Reporting Tools

- Asset or position review across multiple accounts

- Risk management tools

- Real Time Market Data

Made for the way you trade


Customize your own dashboards

Our new MoneyBlock platform gives you nearly unlimited flexibility in designing dashboard layouts. Add and drag blocks to access and view information based on how you trade or what you want to do. Keep it as simple or as complex as you want. It’s all up to you.

You can even create and view as many dashboards as you want (in multiple browser tabs). Start from one of our templates or from a blank canvas—the choice is yours.


Trade with confidence

We’re making complex tasks easier. Our Order block is designed for simplicity and efficiency. Entering simple stock or complex option trades is a breeze. Create a custom order or use one of the pre-built strategy templates.


Chart with best-in-class tools

Our new Chart block offers extensive flexibility with over 100 technical indicators and drawing tools. Customize the timeframe and bar increments you want to view. Expand to view in a full browser to see details up close. Place as many charts as you want on one or more dashboards to quickly track your favorites.

Linking blocks

Seamless workflow

Link multiple blocks together so when you change a symbol all linked blocks update simultaneously. Save time by linking Quote, Chart, Option Chain and Order blocks to quickly evaluate an idea and trade.

Create custom dashboards based on what you want to do and what blocks you want to link: Trade Stocks, Trade Options, etc.


Track your favorites

It takes just one click to add a stock, ETF or option to your Favorites block. Track as many symbols as you like, and when you’re ready, simply click the Trade button to enter a new trade.

Log in to the new MoneyBlock platform using your current MoneyBlock account login credentials.

Advanced Solutions

Advisor Platform Integrations

MoneyBlock offers integrated access to advisor-centric platforms

Efficient, accurate client data management and reporting is critical to growing your advisory business. Through our partnership with Apex Clearing, MoneyBlock offers numerous API and start-of-day (SOD) integrations with leading portfolio management systems and data aggregation vendors so you can spend more time building client relationships.

MoneyBlock is not affiliated with any of the third-party companies mentioned herein, and does not endorse or warrant their content, services or products. Trademarks used with permission.


Platform Type

Integration Type


Portfolio Management System


Advisor Arch

Rebalancer & Trading

API & Start-of-Day





Portfolio Management System

Start-of-Day (in-progress)


Portfolio Management System


Black Diamond

Portfolio Management System



Portfolio Management System



Portfolio Management System



Portfolio Management System



Portfolio Management System

Start-of-Day (in-progress)

Morningstar (ByAllAccounts)

Data Aggregation



Portfolio Management System

API & Start-of-Day



API & Start-of-Day



Start-of-Day (in-progress)

Right Capital

Portfolio Management System



Portfolio Management System

Start-of-Day (via ByAllAccounts)



Start-of-Day (in-progress)

Multiple front-end trading and connectivity options

One solution doesn't fit every client. We offer tailor-fit solutions based on your objectives.

MoneyBlock offers cutting-edge trading technologies and connectivity solutions. Professionals utilize our client-based platforms to create and deploy unique complex option orders or rely on our proprietary technology to identify spread strategies with defined risk.    

- Multiple DMA front-end solutions including Sterling, CBOE Silexx, RealTick and Instinet

- Web-based complex order entry platforms with access to multiple order books

- Single-ticket entry of up to four-leg custom option strategies

- FIX connectivity to multiple clearing destinations with drop copy integration for immediate visibility and risk control

Execution and algo services

Multiple low-latency connectivity and routing solutions

Professionals utilize us for ultra-low latency automated and direct execution via multiple-front ends and API connections across multiple execution venues. By working with TradingBlock, clients gain an extra layer of flexibility.

- API-certified electronic access to all major option and equity exchanges

- Algorithmic and DMA execution including sweep, spray and smart routing

- Multiple executing broker relationships provide a wide spectrum of available strategies

- Floor brokerage access for large volume trade execution and order handling

Reports and services to help manage buying power and capital

Back-office, reporting and fee management tools to help you manage your trading.

Custom reporting, fee management and P&L allocation interface gives asset managers and traders daily fee and brokerage reports to simplify account administration. We also provide additional services designed to help you maximize your buying power and investment capital.